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Meet the award-winning High Dose Cold Brew Coffee that you can share with your low-dose friends.

Somatik developed infused cold brew coffee for people who needed a little THC and caffeine to carry them through a stress-free day. But what about those in need of a higher dose of stress-relief and energy?

You asked and we delivered. Meet the award winning HIGH Dose Cold Brew. Each bottle contains 80mg of THC (four times the THC as our 4oz Infused Coffee), the same great Ritual Coffee beans, and an all new adaptogenic mix of Cacao Nibs and Dandelion Root.

The addition of dandelion and cacao gives the coffee a bolder taste and a bolder effect. Known for their digestive, mood boosting and antioxidant qualities, we’ve packed a medicinal dose into this brew to bring you something truly unique.

Sharing your magic elixir with your low-dose friends? There’s 10mg of THC in every ounce of coffee, so you can share the good vibes by the ounce.

Two coffee mugs and a bottle of Somatik High Dose Cold Brew
Ritual provides organic, single origin coffee for all Somatik Infused Cold Brew

Curious about cannabis and coffee?

Simply put the combination works on the same part of your brain giving you a truly unique feeling that erases your bodily stress while keeping your mind engaged and focused. If you’ve got a case of the Monday blues, or need to get stuff done while easing the anxiety there’s no better way to let mother nature help you out.

Is it your first time drinking our coffee? We suggest that you start with 1oz of coffee for 10mg of THC. High dose patients may try 1/2 a bottle for approx. 40mg.

The combination of cannabis and caffeine delivers an onset time of just 7 minutes, and a 10% increased absorption rate. That means you get your plant medicine delivered faster and more effectively.

Remember: Wellness is a journey.

We invite you to experiment to discover your perfect dose!

Somatik Founders Chris and Clayton hold 2019 Emerald Cup Award

Christmas came early for Somatik at the 2019 Emerald Cup.

The annual Emerald Cup competition is the largest awards event to recognize sustainable cannabis farming and craft cannabis products, and this year was the biggest with 600+ entries and 60+ judges. Somatik won two awards, taking second place in CBD edibles and top five in beverages. 

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Three years ago we started with the aim to create sustainable, effective and delicious plant-based medicines for people who needed to be productive and stress-free. 

Our founders Chris and Clayton worked hard to design craft edibles that reliably deliver the perfect dose of plant medicines to help relieve stress and pain. Relying on Clayton’s understanding of plant/human biochemical interaction, they devised easy to dose and easy to love infused coffee and chocolates. 

Because flavor is as important as the effects, our magic Somatik edibles use high quality distillate from local extractors and high end California farms so you only taste the coffee, chocolate, and berries. 

Chris knew that irresponsible cultivation of commodity crops like coffee and chocolate can add to the rapid deforestation and low unsustainable farmer income. Because of this, it is important that ALL of our ingredients are sustainably sourced. 

High Dose Cold Brew Coffee won place in the top five Infused Beverages of 2019
High Dose Coffee took 5th Place at The 2019 Emerald Cup.

We are committed to a 100% transparent supply chain that pays above fair trade wages to its farmers. Chris and Clayton want Somatik to deliver healthy, high quality edibles and reduce the impact of humans on the planet. To this end, Somatik only sources from companies who share a commitment to reducing their environmental impact. Our partners include craft companies like Ritual Coffee Roasters, Endorfin Foods and Imlak’esh Organics and Chemistry cannabis for sustainably delicious ingredients. We make makes plant-based foods that you can feel good about.

Thanks to the judges of The Emerald Cup for recognizing cannabis that is good for you and good for the Earth!

We invite you to support sustainable cannabis by picking our products up at one of our partners near you.

See the complete list of 2019 winners here.

image of Golden Berry Sparks, large and small package

Do you love our Emerald Cup award winning Goji Berries but want a little something extra? Meet our latest addition, Golden Berry Sparks. These 1:1 Sparks boast 4mg of CBD and THC. Made with Puruvian Maca, Golden Berry Sparks are here to rev your engine and relax your mind.

Maca root’s powerful energy-boosting properties are traditionally used to improve mood, mental clarity and libido. Golden Berry Sparks combine THC, CBD, + Maca for a grounding treat to help reduce fatigue and invigorate your mind.

Organic Golden Berries area a small Peruvian fruit related to the tomatillo. The citrusy berry is rich in vitamins and phytophenols to boost your immune system.

Maca is an adaptogen and antioxidant from Peru that helps increase energy and endurance

THC + CBD distillate allows Somatik Sparks to maintain consistent and even dosing for each berry.

Organic 68% dark chocolate sourced by Endorfin Foods is rich in anandamide which helps relieve depression.

Check your local delivery and dispensary to find us!