Endorfin Chocolate Bars

Endorfin Chocolate Bars
Endorfin Chocolate Bars
Endorfin Chocolate Bars
Endorfin Chocolate Bars
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This luscious botanical absinthe chocolate bar takes its name and flavor from the famed liquor of 18th century Europe. Baudelaire, Van Gogh, and Aleister Crowley all took La Fée Verte - otherwise known as The Green Fairy or Absinthe as their muse and lover. As elusive as it is bohemian, the character of true absinthe has inspired countless alchemical works of art, poetry, and film since its inception centuries ago. Our absinthe chocolate is crafted according to the original recipes from European historical literature, with Mugwort, Anise, Sweet Fennel, and Melissa (Lemon Balm). We have labored extensively to find the purest, unadulterated essential oils of these incredible plants to give you the fullest bouquet of flavor & aroma. As such, only the high notes and aromatics are infused into the chocolate, which contribute a crisp, refreshing flavor experience like no other.

Ingredients: Cacao*, Coconut Sugar*, Caramelized Coconut*, Essential Oils of Mugwort^, Anise*, Sweet Fennel*, Lemon Balm^  
*organic ingredient, ^sustainably wildharvested ingredient


This wonderful dark chocolate bar is made from cacao we are honored to be sourcing from the Arhuacos indigenous community in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta region of Colombia. The flavor is strong and bold, with an unusual brightness that makes this cacao truly exceptional, with hints of lime, white grape, and molasses. In addition to the wonderful single origin bar you see here, we also craft our single origin ceremonial cacao with these incredible cacao beans

Ingredients: Cacao*, Coconut Sugar*, Cocoa Butter*
*organic ingredient

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