High Dose Coffee

High Dose Coffee

Somatik HIGH DOSE cold brew is an uplifting coffee infused with 80mg of THC per bottle. High Dose Cold Brew is designed for those seeking a higher dose of stress-relief and energy. 

Somatik HIGH DOSE cold brew lifts you up with 10mg of THC per ounce, and an adaptogenic boost of Dandelion root and organic cacao nibs to spark your mood magic.

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    Brewed with dandelion root, cacao nibs and four times the dose of THC, this HIGH DOSE will put your mind + body at ease. 

    As you know, caffeine and THC are great on their own. Together, they are magical! 

    Caffeine sparks your motivation while THC helps ease anxiety and adaptogens support you in times of stress. Somatik High Dose coffee is a restorative treat anytime of day.


    Filtered water, Organic Coffee, Dandelion Root, Cacao Nibs, butane-free THC, vegan protein (used for cannabis infusion). No Sugar! Each bottle is only 2 calories.

    Suggested use:

    HIGH DOSE cold brew is ready to drink. Combine it with your favorite milk or sweetener, add a shot to your morning smoothie, extra dirty chai, or pour some into your cup of hot coffee. Store your bottle in the refrigerator. Drink it within 7 days of opening.

    Suggested Dose:

    Start with 1oz of coffee for 10mg of THC. High dose patients may try 1/2 a bottle (approx. 40mg). You may start feeling effects within 15 minutes.

    Additional info:

    Size 8fl oz. 

    80mg THC >2mg CBD

    200mg Caffeine


    Refrigerate after opening. 

    Drink within 7 days of opening.

    Vegan, Sugar-free, Gluten-free, Pesticide-free, Direct-trade, Single-origin, Nano-emulsified. 

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