1:1 CBD Infused Cold Brew Coffee

We designed our coffee to help improve mood and to enhance a sense of well-being. Our infused coffee is faster acting and more bioavailable than other edibles giving you a clear and euphoric mind and relaxed body. The hybrid THC, combined with the naturally-occurring caffeine from the coffee, gives a more Sativa-leaning feel.

  • Description


    Our CBD cold brew is a ready-to-drink, delicious single-origin coffee with the perfect ratio of CBD for a quick pick me up. The 4oz size is perfectly portable and infused with a  approximately* 5mg of CBD and 5mg of THC so you can spike your morning coffee or throw it into your travel bag for anytime you need a boost.


    Filtered water, Organic Coffee, butane-free THC, vegan protein (used for cannabis infusion) (No Sugar! Each bottle is only 2 calories)

    Suggested use:

    Our cold brew is ready to drink and best served chilled from the bottle or over ice. If you want to mix it up, combine it with your favorite milk, add a shot to a morning smoothie, or pour some into your regular cup of coffee for a morning boost. Bottles should be stored in a refrigerator and drunk within 3-5 day of being opened.

    Suggested Dose:

    We recommend new patients start with ½ a bottle for approximately 5mg. Patients may start feeling effects as quickly as 20 minutes, and because of our increased bioavailability the effect may be greater than a typical 10mg dose.

    Additional info:

    Size 4fl oz. 5mg CBD 5mg THC. Keep refrigerated

    *Testing results may skew slightly lower than 10mg as labs continue to perfect their ability to accurately test low-dose beverages. Though by law currently we are required to list doses that are sometimes lower, we encourage you to treat this is a 10mg drink and dose it accordingly. This drink is more bio-available and faster acting than any other edible and we want you to have the perfect experience.

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