The test specimen 21-25 60389 Frankfurt am Primary.Apply now and start out at the hospital using a heart!They may be registered nurse and looking to get a new qualified challenge? Then you put your heart and soul! We combine sophisticated medicine dnp in psychiatric nursing online and superb care with Christian values.From day a single, we market the experienced qualifications of our workers. We follow a structured education notion, give a lot of clinic internal coaching, continuing education and instruction, and support them in occupational abilities education. Also, we are actively for the reconciliation of perform and loved ones. Whether vacation care, kindergarten or the info package for caregivers: We consider a variety of provides for our staff prepared and happen to be certified by “berufundfamilie”. Get an impression of the private improvement possibilities in AGAPLESION BETHANY HOSPITAL!

Collectively. Values. Care for.Nurses obtain an expert property in AGAPLESION BETHANY HOSPITAL.A modern healthcare care is only doable using the appropriate workers. Thus we offer you nurses a work that invites you to keep: because of an excellent work-life balance, targeted expert development and long-term prospects.What our workers say.Meet our employees.Robert – due to the fact 1997 with us.Robert works as a nurse anesthesia specialist in AGAPLESION BETHANY HOSPITAL. In the video he tells why he likes to work with us.Szerenke – due to the fact 2002 with us.Szerenke for ten years nurse manager on the interdisciplinary private station in AGAPLESION BETHANY HOSPITAL. Within the video, she talks about what she likes about us.What lies within us.Profession (ung)


Care in AGAPLESION BETHANY HOSPITAL is more than a profession. Our staff of care and service function accompany the patient all through their hospital keep around the clock. The patient is our work within a specialist, certified and motivated group at the center.Technically competent and man addition to their experience on other special qualities of our personnel have: empathy, private consideration and appreciation normally play in dealing with one another a decisive part. Inside the treatment, we take into consideration the cultural, religious and social wants of patients and relatives. Our action is based on high Christian values.A lot of applications.As a hospital with 245 beds we serve with each other using the specialists patients in the departments of cardiology, diabetology, oncology, common surgery, gastroenterology and proctology. Furthermore, in our individuals departments Angiology, vascular surgery, ear, nose and throat medicine, hand surgery, plastic surgery, trauma surgery, orthopedic surgery and spinal surgery are treated.

Nursing high-quality as the highest fantastic.A holistic care to ensure we ascertain person measures and objectives for every single patient. We’re guided by the scientific nursing model Nancy Roper and existing nursing understanding. Higher excellent of remedy is essential to us. As a result, we document all care measures and evaluate them. Also supply interdisciplinary case conferences for optimal treatment.The future often in view.Within the future we need to supply our individuals and their households expert assistance and help shape the progress in medicine and nursing. Hence, we give our nurses complete opportunities for education, training and additional education.many improvement opportunities opening up in AGAPLESION BETHANY HOSPITAL of nurses. Whether the coaching as practical instructors or the qualification as a wound specialist or Breast Nurse – our staff can pick from a wide spectrum. Specialist training within the regions of anesthesia and essential care and oncology are also available.