Meet the award-winning High Dose Cold Brew Coffee that you can share with your low-dose friends.

Somatik developed infused cold brew coffee for people who needed a little THC and caffeine to carry them through a stress-free day. But what about those in need of a higher dose of stress-relief and energy?

You asked and we delivered. Meet the award winning HIGH Dose Cold Brew. Each bottle contains 80mg of THC (four times the THC as our 4oz Infused Coffee), the same great Ritual Coffee beans, and an all new adaptogenic mix of Cacao Nibs and Dandelion Root.

The addition of dandelion and cacao gives the coffee a bolder taste and a bolder effect. Known for their digestive, mood boosting and antioxidant qualities, we’ve packed a medicinal dose into this brew to bring you something truly unique.

Sharing your magic elixir with your low-dose friends? There’s 10mg of THC in every ounce of coffee, so you can share the good vibes by the ounce.

Two coffee mugs and a bottle of Somatik High Dose Cold Brew
Ritual provides organic, single origin coffee for all Somatik Infused Cold Brew

Curious about cannabis and coffee?

Simply put the combination works on the same part of your brain giving you a truly unique feeling that erases your bodily stress while keeping your mind engaged and focused. If you’ve got a case of the Monday blues, or need to get stuff done while easing the anxiety there’s no better way to let mother nature help you out.

Is it your first time drinking our coffee? We suggest that you start with 1oz of coffee for 10mg of THC. High dose patients may try 1/2 a bottle for approx. 40mg.

The combination of cannabis and caffeine delivers an onset time of just 7 minutes, and a 10% increased absorption rate. That means you get your plant medicine delivered faster and more effectively.

Remember: Wellness is a journey.

We invite you to experiment to discover your perfect dose!