This is Clayton.

I’m one of the founders of Somatik. I highly recommend watching this talk from Mara Gordon. She’s a luminary in cannabis medicine and a source of inspiration to me in how I think and talk about cannabis.

Unlike Mara I started using cannabis in my 20’s because it was fun. It opened my mind to see the world a little differently. It helped me see joy and human connection and the bright colors of life around me. Then in 2008 I was hit by a truck while living in Thailand. After 6 months in the hospital and 17 surgeries, I was left with nerve pain, phantom pain, and nightly insomnia. After all the hospital time and some physical therapy back home in Mississippi, I moved to San Francisco. Within a day or two I got my CA driver’s license and then immediately got my medical cannabis card. Overnight the stabbing pains I experienced in parts of my arm without functioning nerves went away. I was actually sleeping without interruption. I regained the sense of joy and positivity that had been dampened by constant pain and discomfort.

When I formulate our products I want to make sure that they are delicious and healthy. I want to create an experience that is fun and approachable. But mostly I want to gift joy. Joy of experience. Joy of pain relief. Joy of anxiety relief. Joy of a good night’s sleep.