Introducing Somatik Sparks

We're super excited to introduce our newest offering: Somatik™ Sparks are vegan chocolate covered coffee beans with a new kind of buzz!

"Somatik took the chocolate covered espresso bean to new heights with Sparks. The crunchiness of the bean paired with the depth of the chocolate and the ratio of chocolate to bean is exceptionally well executed. Truly enjoyable from start to finish!" – Ruby LaGrandeur

We've created the perfect artisanal edibles to integrate into your daily routine. At just 3 mg each, you can easily control your dose, and with 99 mg per box you’ll have plenty to share the love.

Thanks to our partners, Bay Area chocolatier Endorphin Foods and acclaimed Ritual Coffee, we're able to bring you a vegan, cane-sugar free, ethically sourced chocolate with an amazing complex taste. Rich, raw cacao coats an organic single-origin coffee bean perfectly blending flavor notes of fruit, chocolate, tartness, and just a little sparkle, for a new take on a classic treat.

Our lab-tested cannabis comes from the hills of Humboldt County, and our proprietary blend ensures that the THC is evenly distributed, tasteless, fast acting, a consistently uplifting feeling.

Each ingredient is sourced from direct trade relationships, and the rare, single-origin chocolate comes from a collective focused on regenerative farming practices. The entire experience can effortlessly lighten your mood, and help spark a little magic throughout your day. With just six ingredients these little bursts of sunshine are guilt-free and bound to enlighten your days and nights.

"I LOVE SPARKS! THANK YOU SOMATIK for making an edible I can enjoy & share everyday!" – Elise McRoberts; Influencer, Edible Expert, Marketing Chief & Curator for California Wellness

Somatik™ Sparks are currently available via these delivery services:


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