Are You Somatik?

Somatik is a new delicious cannabis-infused cold brew coffee named “Best Infused Beverage” by

Somatik is about three things: the flavor, the feeling, and the experience. So, we partnered with Ritual Coffee in San Francisco because of their passion for single-origin coffee and great tasting blends. We also worked hard to land on a smooth delicious ratio of caffeine and cannabis, to give you just the right feeling. We’ve already launched into some California dispensaries and we can’t wait for you to experience our first offerings for yourself.

Mind body magic. The experience is where you come in!

I started Somatik to create a space for us all to lighten up, and connect. Our cold brew coffee has been designed to help you find the right dose of cannabis to connect your mind and body, and I’m hoping in turn that will create ways to connect with each other and share some experiences together.

Join the tribe, sign up for our updates and you'll be first get a taste of Somatik and our newest offerings. Whether you’re new to cannabis or a seasoned connoisseur, let’s enlighten up together.

Thanks for your support,
Chris Schroeder
Founder of Somatik

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