We took the gold for Best CBD Edible at this year’s Emerald Cup.

Goji Berry Sparks were designed for people seeking a chill and delicious edible experience. We selected organic 68% chocolate, organic goji berries and organic rhodiola rosea for their flavor and uplifting effects.

CBD and Rhodiola root plug into your system to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and increase mental performance in stressful times. Goji Berry Sparks help you let go of anxiety so you can focus.

Eat these Sparks for

  • A restorative sleep
  • Your first edible experience 
  • Relief from anxiety, stress or depression

We’re also celebrating Coffee Bean Sparks making the top 10 THC Edible list!

Check out the complete list of 2018 Emerald Cup Winners.

We’re smiling ear to ear and so excited to share this news with you. GreenState recently awarded Somatik Cold Brew as “Best Infused Beverage” and we couldn’t be happier. You know we love Somatik and worked really hard to make it perfect, but now you don’t have to take our word for it, here’s a quote from the review:

“Coffee and cannabis are a classic pairing: The jolt of caffeine is balanced by the relaxing buzz of THC; the earthy roasted coffee aroma intertwines with a bright spike of herb. Blending cold-brewed coffee with hybrid cannabis, the cold-brewed infused coffee brand Somatik has formalized the ancient pairing. It partnered with San Francisco’s third-wave java darling Ritual Coffee Roasters, who provides single-origin beans.” – GreenState

Thanks to GreenState and thanks to you for your support on our journey to bring you the best cannabis infused beverage. Keep an eye out as we launch more amazing products onto the market this year.

By: Mother Indica

If you have yet to try the sensational, irrefutably appetizing, and downright delicious combination of coffee and cannabis, well then today is your day, my friend. I bring to you a message from the chocolatey heavens- moist and fluffy coffee, cannabis, and chocolate muffins. All topped with crunchy coconut chips and cacao nibs, and the tantalizing touch of cardamom and orange zest. You can thank me later.


Published By : High Times


In order to truly understand the benefits of microdosing with marijuana, we should first figure out exactly what a microdose is. Simply put, it’s intaking very small amounts of marijuana in order to still feel perceptible sensations.

It should be noted, though, that since this is not a regular dose, the “high” threshold is not surpassed. Therefore, it’s a sub-perceptible sensation that doesn’t completely take over your thought process. For the good majority of those who partake in microdosing, this sensation is considered being on the verge of a high.