Psychedelic flyer for Spliff, a dance party hosted by the DJ that brought you Puff.
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Life is hectic and cannabis makes is better so we want to celebrate with you!

Join our Favorite DJ’s Sergio Fedasz (Go Bang!, PUFF) and Robin Simmons (Odyssey, Go Bang!) as they kick out the tunes on the hypnotic dance floor. DJ Dank will be on hand to host the Stoner Raffle and a variety show like no other featuring the talents of Pina Busch, Maria Konner, Mama Dora, The Pristine Condition, SNJV, Llano River Blue, Sunshine, Tawdry Hepburn, Pleasure by Night, Gem N’Aye, Brandylicious and more!

Tickets are $20 at the door. 

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